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The Time-Crunch Cure:
Create a Literacy Block that Fits it All In and Achieves More

Tired of running out of time for spelling, grammar, writing, vocabulary, small group, read-aloud... and all the things on your teacher plate? Then this free workshop is for you. 

🙋‍♀️ I need help fitting it all in!

From overwhelmed to overachieving, learn how to teach more in less time during your literacy block.

Discover the four time-saving secrets to help ELA teachers (just like you) fit everything in. 

During this hour-long workshop, you'll discover:



The number one thing that is essential for a time-efficient literacy block


The secret art of creating an ideal literacy schedule that fits it
all in


How to find 
additional time in your schedule to maximize literacy learning opportunities


A teaching method every literacy teacher should know to save time (and sanity)


60 minutes? 120 minutes? It doesn't matter how long your literacy block is. The Time-Crunch Cure shared in this workshop will work for you.   

I want the free time-crunch cure!

Choose the session that works for you!

👉AND! If you join me for the entire training, you'll receive a certificate for one hour of professional development. 

➡︎ Attend any of the four sessions, and after the workshop we will send you a pd certificate you can use towards your professional development hours.

Meet your host of the Time-Crunch Cure 

Sara Marye, host of The Stellar Teacher Podcast and founder of The Stellar Teacher Company

I used to feel like I never had enough time to cover all my ELA standards... 

With over a decade of experience as a classroom teacher and school leader, I've witnessed firsthand the immense pressure that upper elementary teachers face. Balancing spelling, grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary... the list seems never-ending

But guess what? You can absolutely conquer the challenge of teaching literacy in upper elementary. By strategically scheduling your time and leveraging time-tested strategies, you can create a literacy block that's not only efficient but also highly effective. No more compromises, no more leaving important skills behind.

Imagine a literacy block where you effortlessly cover all the standards and key literacy skills without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. Picture yourself confidently guiding your students through engaging lessons, knowing that you have a well-structured plan in place. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

Well, my friend, that's exactly what we're going to achieve in this workshop.

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