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Teaching reading and writing is about to get A LOT easier...

If you're a 3-5 teacher who wants to spend less time lesson planning and more time helping your students become skilled readers and writers, then The Stellar Literacy Collective has you covered! 

Tell me more!

Raise your hand if you are tired of feeling...



Every day you have to figure out plans and materials for small groups, read aloud, word study, writing... you're tired of spending your nights and weekends on the never-ending lesson planning hamster wheel.



You have one student who is still struggling to identify the letter "A" and another student reading Romeo and Juliet. You're not sure what your next steps should be to ensure that all students master your grade-level standards.



Maybe not by others - but by yourself. You're finding you compare yourself to other teachers who seem to have adopted the science of reading perfectly, and you're still trying to figure out how to juggle it all.

I get it. I was there too...

For years, I found myself struggling with...


➡︎ Spending hours scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram, and all corners of the internet looking for lesson ideas...

➡︎ Feeling stretched thin, rushed, and frustrated knowing that I could be doing more to support my students, but just didn't have the extra time...

➡︎ Spending tons of money on resources that were fluffy, ineffective, and didn't actually save me time or help my students master the standards...

➡︎ Arriving to work on Monday morning feeling like I was behind before the week even began... 


...feeling like teaching wasn't for me anymore. 

But then, teaching became a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Here's what changed for me... 

➡︎ I discovered how to plan effectively. I stopped doing schoolwork on nights and weekends, yet I was still planned and prepped for every lesson...

➡︎ I figured out systems and routines that helped me provide effective, engaging, and rigorous lessons to my students...

➡︎ Mondays were no longer overwhelming and exhausting. I started each week feeling prepared and confident for the week ahead... 

➡︎ I finally saw tangible growth in my students without stretching myself thin and overworking to get there... 

And then, I started to share my discovery with teachers around the world. 

And it started working for them too!

Don't just take my word for it...

Join the thousands of teachers who are enjoying a stress-free teacher life. 

Yes! Count me in!

"Being part of the SLC community has been an absolute game-changer. I feel confident and prepared knowing that I have access to resources curated by literacy experts. SLC has been my lifeline, helping me navigate the ups and downs of the classroom with confidence and resilience."

Jessica Macias, Member since 2023

"I have more confidence as a math-turned-literacy teacher. This is my 3rd year teaching reading exclusively"

Jo-Anne Johnson, Member since 2021

"I no longer search for resources, they are at my fingertips.  Everything is seamless and easy to access.  The membership has saved me time, money, and most importantly, my sanity."

Rachel Perry, Member Since 2021

The Stellar Literacy Collective

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade membership that gives you everything you need to be an effective, engaging (and way less stressed) literacy teacher. 

I just finished up my Unit 1 training in LETRS...

...and it was mostly on syllabication and how very important it is to teach this to our students. I have used a few lessons from the syllables unit inside the membership, and it has EXACTLY what I need for next year! All done for me, so all I have to do is teach.

Your lessons/activities are so well written and useful for every classroom. Thank you for making my life as a teacher easier. 

You cannot go wrong with the help you get from this membership. Worth every single penny!

-Jacque Anderson, Member since 2021

I spend more time with my family...

...instead of spending hours finding or making quality instructional materials. I’ve been able to deliver content with consistency and quality.

Kids have enjoyed the mentor texts and have been able to apply the skills from our mini-lessons to their own reading, which shows me that what I’ve taught them made sense!

-Janene Goertzen Sparke Member since 2021

The membership saves me so much time...

Everything you need to teach your ELA lessons is already organized and ready to go! There are even resources for when you need to reteach a specific skill to a small group. 

I feel confident that I am thoroughly covering all the standards when I use this membership.

I love the community aspect. The Stellar Teacher Team is so thoughtful. They run trainings for the community and are constantly asking for feedback to improve the membership! I can ask a question and know that Sara or one of her team will read it and respond to me within 24 hours.

I am super grateful I found The Stellar Literacy Collective membership!

-Adrienne Horn, Member since 2021


Here is some of what's inside The Stellar Literacy Collective resource library...

SOR Aligned

Word Study Resources

We offer various word study activities and resources to help students deeply understand concepts like syllabication, affixes, and root words.

Easy to prep and teach

Small-Group Lessons

Our 130+ small group lesson sets include lesson plans, reading passages, graphic organizers, comprehension questions, and answer keys, perfect for targeting specific reading skills. 💛

Quick & Easy

Vocabulary Routines

These quick and easy routines help students build a strong vocabulary. 🙌 Students build confidence with these weekly routines.

400+ Task Cards & Passages

Reading Passages & Task Cards

Students often need extra practice. ✅ Whether building background knowledge in science or enhancing familiarity with text structure, our range of reading passages and task cards is perfect for them.

Teacher Favorite

Sentence Writing Resources

Do your students struggle with sentence writing? Not anymore! ✏️ Our resources help eliminate fragments, fix run-ons, and boost confidence in writing detailed sentences. 

Membership Exclusive

Paragraph Writing Routine

Teaching writing is so much easier with our simple 6-step paragraph writing framework. 👉 Our lessons ensure you maximize your writing time for the greatest impact. our brand new 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade whole group lessons coming this semester.

Includes Thematic Units

Grade-Level Scope & Sequence

Can you imagine what it would be like to have your whole year mapped out? This dream becomes reality with our grade-level scope and sequences for reading comprehension. They cover all 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade literacy and informational CCSS while providing your students with engaging and content-rich thematic units.

Engaging related text sets

Complete Whole Group Lesson Sets

Being a teacher who likes to work smarter, not harder! You'll LOVE our Ready-to-print whole-group lesson materials. They include everything you need to teach your state standards. 🙌 You'll maximize your instructional time because the related text sets will give students practice building knowledge in key science and social studies concepts.

Save time planning

Engaging Google Slides

Are you shifting to view comprehension as an outcome, not a skill? Our slides include everything you need to create the perfect conditions for your students to understand the texts in these lessons deeply. 💫They cover key language comprehension components such as knowledge, vocabulary, syntax, and text structure, helping your students become skilled readers.

I want it ALL!

How does this sound?

What would it be like if...


  ... you woke up tomorrow and ever day feeling a sense of calm because you now have the exact resources you need to create a stellar literacy block? 

  ... you walked into your classroom every Monday morning excited about your lesson plans for the week?

  ... you could see real, tangible progress in all your students' reading and writing abilities?

  ... you left your classroom each and every day way earlier than normal and headed home to spend more time with your family or friends because your lesson plans were done and ready, not blank and daunting? 


...instead of being stressed and overwhelmed with teaching, you are excited and energized?

Well, guess what! We can make that happen...

Awesome! I'm so in!

"It has been amazing using the SLC resources and watching boys who really struggle with writing write the coolest paragraphs. I didn't have any training in helping struggling readers and writers so this has been amazing."

Cari Kincannon, Member since 2024

"I used SLC resources to teach all my fourth grade standards. I am in Texas and our standardized test scores just came in. 91% of my students showed growth."

Rebeca Horton Member since 2023

The Stellar Literacy Collective was created for reading and writing teachers just like YOU.

To give you the resources you need to teach engaging and effective lessons.



One annual payment of $261

  • An extensive and growing resource library 
  • Your Literacy Planning Playbook
  • Online learning community
  • On-demand PD library

Get three months free!

Get started today!



Monthly payment option

  • An extensive and growing resource library 
  • Your Literacy Planning Playbook
  • Online learning community
  • On-demand PD library

That's less than $1 per day! 

Get started today!

Want to bring SLC to your school?

We partner with districts and schools.

We streamline the purchase order process, ensuring your teachers receive the resources and instructional support they need exactly when they need it. Click here to request a quote.

Want to hear what our members have to say? 

Real talk from real teachers!


And there is more!

When you join the membership, you'll also get access to these stellar resources:


Your Literacy Planning Playbook

Your step-by-step guide to using membership resources - by the time you finish all five steps in our Literacy Playbook, you'll have a stellar literacy block, setting you and your students up for success.


Our Private Facebook Community

A judgment-free community of like-minded teachers here to encourage and support you. Whether you have questions or need recommendations, we're here to help you grow in literacy knowledge and confidence.


On-Demand PD Video Library

Access bingeable content on topics like Scarborough's Reading
Rope, creating your literacy block schedule, and literacy routines to help you expand your literacy knowledge. 

A special Back-to-School Bonus...

First Ten Days of Reading & Writing Lesson Plans

To help you start the year on the right track, we are including a special bonus to help you introduce and set expectations for your reading and writing block.

➡︎ You'll get special lesson plans and student activities for the First Ten Days of Reading and the First Ten Days of Writing.

✅ Join the membership and cross back-to-school planning off your list! 

I need these first ten day plans!

You're 2 steps away from a stress-free year!


Join SLC.

👉 Click any of the yellow enrollment buttons and follow the checkout steps. 


Start exploring.

Dive into the hundreds of resources waiting for you inside. 

Sign me up for a stress-free year!

Want to see behind the scenes?

Get a preview of everything our members get access to when they join SLC. 


Meet your literacy coach

Hi, I'm Sara


Here's the truth: Teaching reading and writing in upper elementary is hard. 

But it doesn't have to be. 

I've spent over a decade working as a classroom teacher, literacy specialist, assistant principal, and curriculum writer.

Through all my experience, I've figured out how to effectively engage upper elementary students in meaningful reading and writing lessons. And I'm on a mission to help as many upper elementary teachers experience the same success.

I created this membership site because I wish I had access to something like this when I was in the classroom. 

Let me and my team do all the heavy lifting when it comes to lesson planning so you can focus on what's really important - teaching! 

Our Stellar Sneak Peek guarantee

Take TWO FULL days to look around and see if the membership is a good fit for you...

We want you to feel confident in your decision to join The Stellar Literacy Collective. And let's be real for a min - we know many of you are paying for this out of your own pockets.

So here's our promise: once you join The Stellar Literacy Collective, you have 48 hours to take a peek at as many videos as you want and preview our resources. If you take a good look around and don't think this membership is going to work for you, no problem! 

We will refund your money within 48 hours - no questions asked. 

This is for you if:

  You're a 3rd, 4th, or 5th-grade literacy teacher who wants to save time lesson planning.

  You like the idea of having rigorous and engaging ready-to-go lesson plans at your fingertips. 

  You're looking for no-fluff resources that get you through the entire year and will actually help your students master the standards.

This is not for you if:

  You're not interested in having access to a year's worth of resources.  

  You already have a time-saving solution that allows you to leave work at 3pm and enjoy your weekends.

  You already have enough rigorous and engaging resources and don't need any more. (But something tells me you wouldn't be on this page if you did.)

See what some of our members have to say...

Are you ready to be a more confident and way less-stressed teacher?

Yes! Let's do this!

Frequently Asked Questions

Real talk, my friend

Think about how challenging teaching reading and writing is... 


Do you really want to try to tackle this school year on your own?

Join the membership today and say goodbye to long nights of lesson planning and say hello to effective and engaging lessons ready to print with the click of a button. 

Here's what's waiting for you inside the Stellar Literacy Collective:

  A resource library jam-packed with reading and writing resources that work!
  A planning playbook that won't take you hours to complete but will teach you how to set up a stellar literacy block.
  A stellar community filled with like-minded teachers who will support and encourage you this next year.

I'm ready for this year to be different!